Crock-pot Cheesecake!!


August 21, 2012 by liviehwilliams

Yes, you read right. Cheesecake in the crock-pot. I love my crock-pot but after discovering it can be used to make dessert too! Oh boy was I hooked. I made this and it was a huge hit! I came across this about 3 months ago on pinterest,and just had to try it. Glad I did!

What you need:

What you will need: For the crust: 1-2 cups of crushed oreos. (depending how big your Crock Pot is. See below for more info) 3 tablespoons of butter For cheesecake: 3 boxes of cream cheese 3 eggs 3/4 cup sugar Here we go :)  In mixing bowl mix together crushed up oreos. -If you do not have a mixer just put a few oreos in a ziploc and crush them by hand. Do this until you have enough oreos that will cover the bottom of your pan.

Add melted butter to crushed cookies, and mix.

In separate bowl mix together 3 boxes of cream cheese at room temperature, the eggs, and the sugar. Mix until smooth.

Once mixture is complete you can put cookie mixture in the bottom of desire bowl. (You will need a bowl that will fit into your crock pot. A glass bowl works great, but it must be able to get hot)

My medium mixing bowl worked great. But I have an old small crock pot.
Put about 2 cups of water in crock pot. You want enough water to surround the bowl but not enough to over flow it.
Like so :
I had to add more water once the bowl was inside.
Alright once all your mixture is inside your bowl you want your Crock Pot on high for 2 hours.
After 2 hours you will notice your cheesecake is kind of fluffy and cracking. (That’s perfect)
Remove the bowl from crock pot and let cool for 30 min.
Then let cool in fridge for an hour or more. (This will let it harden)
Then enjoy!
You can top it with fresh berries, or chocolate or whatever you wish.
Delicious! I sent mine home with mom and dad, but they called me with great reviews! Going to make one for me and Robert tomorrow!
Let me know if you try it :)
I didn’t have any finished pictures because it was gone too fast,but I found this picture on (and mine looked pretty similar)

One thought on “Crock-pot Cheesecake!!

  1. tmvikholt says:

    This just blew my mind!

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